Saturday, May 31, 2008

Intermission: Uganda

This concludes the normal, witty, thought provoking and delightfully clever blog entries that you might be used to. =) There will be a brief intermission, where I will speak in Christian-ese (my apologies), and broken English.

For the next 2 months, I will do my very best to update my blog with pictures, stories, prayer requests, and any little snippet that I can squeeze in. However, for most of our time in Uganda, we will only have 3 hours a night of electricity on a generator, and internet access 10 miles away!

I would really, really appreciate your prayers while we are there, specifically for:
  • Safety
  • Intimacy with the Lord and trust in His love
  • Protection from Spiritual Warfare & strength against the Enemy
  • Connection & intimacy in our marriage-- time alone together, mutual encouragement
  • Team dynamics
  • God's love being made real to our non-Christian students
  • Healing for the child soldiers & child victims of war
  • Health-- especially protection from migraines, & stomach problems!
  • Finances
  • Peace in Uganda, and the defeat of the Lord's Resistance Army
Right now, I am in Rhode Island, getting together last minute details with the other directors. Students arrive Monday, and we fly out June 4th. The first week, we will be in Kampala (the capital) and then will head up to the North, where we will live in a refugee camp for 4 weeks, serving Child Voice International & helping to rehabilitate former child soldiers. The picture to the left is of our homes in Lukodi, the refugee camp. =)

Thank you for your prayers-- they really do make a difference!

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