Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nobody Panic

I'm so sorry.

It seems that, between my posts & my brother's emails, we have frightened some loved ones into thinking we were knocking on death's door.

I want to assure everyone that we are OKAY. No one is dying. No post traumatic stress syndrome, or anything close to it.

I am so, so sorry if anything we have communicated from Uganda has made our experience here sound like more than it is. Yes, it is uncomfortable. Yes, it sucks to be sick-- and most of us have gotten pretty sick. Yes, it is a stretching experience. BUT, we really, really are okay, and I would never risk our students health (mental, physical, spiritual).

We all appreciate your concern, your prayers, and your support!! Thank you so much, and rest assured... we're all okay!! =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine for your reassurance. It helps. We all know that you are a very capable leader and would never put someone in harms way. We can only imagine how difficult it is being there,and that we or at least I might "fold " under the same circumstances. You all are very brave and strong, and in my eyes, extrodinary heroes. Press on and come home soon to us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information on what was happening. I can't tell you how worried we have all been, especially for Jeff. (Yes, I know he says I love him more.) I know how sick he can get & all that weight loss,lack of eating,fever and vomiting really stresses me! I pray you will stay healthy & I love hearing from you.