Wednesday, October 1, 2008


From the moment I woke up this morning, I knew that Wednesday & I were going to have a problem. Normally, I get along just fine with Wednesdays-- I've never cut them down by calling them "hump days", and although they don't have the same zing as a Friday, at least they're not a Monday. But there was something about this particular Wednesday that just rubbed me wrong.

I rolled out of bed feeling exhausted-- not really from lack of sleep (although I suppose I sho
uld have gone to bed earlier last night), and not from some illness... just so bone tired I felt like my eyelids were made of lead.

I kept searching around for an excuse to go back to sleep: sore throat? Nope. Headache? Not really. Maybe I had worked too hard yesterday and could justify taking the morning off-- after all, I make my own schedule, right? I couldn't really do that because we lead a little prayer gathering on Wednesday mornings on campus.

On top of feeling exhausted, I felt a little blue-- actually, more like a dark gray (not quite black, but just really not happy). Again, I searched around for reasons, and couldn't come up with anything good.

I decided that I knew just the thing to get me going: riding my bike to campus. Now SFSU is clear on the other side of the City, with some monstrous San Francisco sized hills lying between us. Chris has discovered that if you take BART down a few stops, you can bike the rest of the way there, avoiding the hills, and arrive relatively un-sweaty. So that was the plan: I was going to pep myself up by riding to campus.

Let me tell you at this point that I have the most adorable bike in the world. It's a vintage
Raliegh (just like my Dad had growing up!) with a wicker basket on the front that was meant for Toto to ride in. The one problem is that it's a tank that weighs about 50lbs, and getting it onto a BART train is a beast.

So after finally wres
tling it onto the train (with a lot of help from Chris), we started our 5 minute ride and noticed that it was much louder than normal. We knew we were in trouble when the train came to a dead stop in the middle of the dark tunnel & the lights went out (thank goodness for Tetris on our phones!). About an hour later, we found ourselves trying to finagle our awkward bikes down the train ailes, through a crowd of disgruntled commuters onto our "rescue" train, prying open door after door as we made our way to the very back of the snake of train cars.

After finally making it up to the surface & fresh air, we rode our bikes back home (the hills still stood between us and SFSU), grabbed our car, and drove to campus (we missed the prayer thing, but were able to meet with a few students). Our BART fiasco made the news.

I thought that after our exciting adventure, I would be a little more awake & lively, but it all went downhill from there. I tried opening the car door with a pen (keys are generally a little more useful for that task), forgot to bring our computer to the office, had difficulty finishing sentences, and could not for th
e life of me get any work done. Chris was the same way... it must have been in the water, or something. At about 3:30 I finally said "Alright, you win." I don't often do this, but I knew it was time to admit defeat. I packed up my bags, came home early & took a nap. It was wonderful.

I made a small effort at reclaiming my Wednesday by making Risotto for dinner. It definitely helped to end things on a good note. But I should have given up long before I did. Just one of those days, I guess.


Ryan said...

You're an amazing writer Christine. Has anyone told you that? I could totally see you doing creative writing for a local magazine or a fun website like Anne Lamott does.

Way to go with the "ride to work" attempt. :-)

ChristineCPK said...

Aww, shucks! Thanks, Gano =)
Being likened to Anne Lamott is a compliment indeed! I wish I could be like her... but I don't think I'd look good in dreadlocks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'd look good in dreadlocks either. Tattos are bad enough! What a DAY!!!! Sometimes it is better to stay in bed.

deee said...

Hey Christine... We miss you guys! But reading about the Bart fiasco does not make me miss public transit :)

Hope today is a better Wednesday for you!