Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Things have felt stressful lately. We worked at a conference last weekend, and for some reason my capacity for social interaction was at an all-time low. And it's tough being surrounded by energetic college students and wonderful co-workers when your extroverted self simply won't kick in. Several times while I was helping with registration, welcoming people in and giving them info, I had to open my mouth wide and stretch out my face, which ached from smiling so much. You know you're tired when it hurts to smile =)

But then... after the conference was over, Chris & I made the drive over to a magical place called My Parents' Cabin. Now, honestly, it's tough compete with the beauty of the redwoods in NorCal, but there is something absolutely therapeutic about that cabin in the woods. As soon as you walk through the door (and get the water running & turn on the heater), all the responsibilities, all the stress and anxiety that you once had simply melt right off of you. It must me something in the air-- or that mountain spring water that comes right out of the tap.

The cabin is huge-- it can sleep at least 12 comfortably. It is cozy & comfortable, and just feels like Home-- but without computers & phone calls or any kind of responsibilities other than figuring out what to make for breakfast at 11am. The newest addition to the cabin was a giant flat screen TV, which made movie watching by the fire even better. Lovely.

But the best part was that we had old friends join us at the cabin. Two of my closest friends from college (plus one great husband) joined us, and we spent hours lounging, chatting, going on walks, eating junk food, assembling puzzles & watching movies. There is something absolutely wonderful about a friendship where you can sit in your PJ's and talk for hours, or read in silence without feeling awkward. I've missed that since moving away. But I soaked it in till my fingers got pruny in front of that great fireplace, on those big comfy couches.
I feel super thankful.

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Jenny said...


You are a beautiful writer and friend, thanks for sharing your thankful moments and hard moments, you make me feel like I share in your experiences (especially the cabin one which I was bummed to have missed) and I love to hear what is in your heart.

Miss you, Jenny