Saturday, February 23, 2008

Self Discovery

For the last several weeks, it felt as though I didn't quite know who I was... or where I was, or what the heck I was doing. I was in a gray viral fog that only lifted for brief periods of time (which were glorious). But now, after 4 weeks and one round of antibiotics, all that remains is a sniffly nose and a sore throat. Hallelujah. I'll take that.

Now that the clouds have lifted in my brain, I am left looking around at the damage: weeks worth of emails that I barely remember receiving (and never answered), students & friends who have forgotten I am alive, piles of clothes on the bed, and a body whose muscles have atrophied into little whithered shrubs (not that they were much to speak of before).

And, sadly, now that the clouds have lifted inside, there's a huge storm raging outside. Chris & I decided to take the dog out for a long walk before the storm blew in early this afternoon, and happened to meet it head-on at the top of Bernal Hill. We laughed and held on for dear life as 70 mile an hour winds, rain & hail pelted us all the way down the hill (Gavin was having a ball). Quite the adventure.

So now we are forced to have a mellow weekend indoors-- which, after being gone for a week (more on that later), is actually quite welcomed. But even more than a relaxing weekend, I am glad to have a functioning mind and a sense of self again. Laying on a couch in a daze for three weeks can really make you forget...

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