Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm going on two weeks of being sick now. I'm so tired of sleeping, of laying around, of being stuck in my own sick thoughts (not sick like "dirty", sick like "I can't seem to hold one line of thought for more than about 15 seconds"). I've even gotten tired of complaining.

Being sick for a few days isn't so bad. Normal people call in sick from work and lie around the house guilt-free in their PJ's, reading books, watching movies, and sleeping like they were in college again (that is, until 1pm). It turns out, I am not a normal person.

Because work is at home (for the most part), it's really difficult to "call in sick". To make things worse, while I sit and moan on the couch, Chris sits at the computer working. It's such a buzz kill to have someone working all day in front of you when you're trying to be a sloth.

Every time I find a little once of energy, I find myself answering emails, planning things, and making pathetic attempts at creativity. I get nothing done, but I don't feel rested, either. It's like a vicious, sleepy cycle.

For some reason, I don't feel justified in actually relaxing. Maybe it's because I'm not throwing up-- I'm just achy, sniffly, and incredibly wiped out. Tonight, when Chris left me to go to my creativity workshop, I answered emails & worked.
I tried to read a depressing book on the fate of Africa for our Uganda trip, but I couldn't concentrate. I could be lying on the couch watching a chick flick, but somehow I feel guilty doing that. Instead, I'm huddled under a blanket, trying to squeeze out cohesive sentences onto a blog. Something is seriously wrong in my head.

So here I slouch, sharing my muddled, sick thoughts with the cyber world, hoping that someone will tell me to get off the computer and turn on Pride & Prejudice.

Help me.

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