Monday, January 21, 2008

Back in The City of Love

Well, we're home, and I love home. This weekend was pretty close to perfect-- with the small exception of a disturbing movie we watched Friday night that I haven't been able to get out of my head (called Mr. Brooks. Yuck). But, besides said movie, our weekend was delightful.

After finally making it to bed Friday night (and clearing my head of graphic scenes of a man getting stabbed in the neck
by a pair of scissors. Again, no need to ever watch that movie. Yuck), I drifted off to sleep at midnight, and didn't get out of bed until 11:30 the next morning. It was like I was 15 yrs old again-- delicious! Chris & I took Gavin to our favorite hiking spot in Pacifica, and for some reason the San Francisco winter lifted for an afternoon, leaving behind a perfect warm spring day.

On our way home, we spent way too long and too
much money at Target, and decided we were just too hungry to make dinner. The only reasonable solution was to order the tastiest burgers in all of San Francisco (Big Mouth Burgers), bring them home, and gorge ourselves while watching our newly purchased DVD (Mean Girls. I love that movie). I had forgotten just how truly wonderful Big Mouth Burgers can be. If you live in SF, you should go there immediately. If not, you should visit and we'll take you there. =)

After church on Sunday (which was great), Chris & I rode our bikes to Union Square and wandered around, people watching. We sat at a window table at Citizen Cupcake, on the top floor of the Virgin Records store on Market St, drinking Illy espresso and eating chocolate cupcakes. The people watching from up there is incredible-- as are the cupcakes & espresso. It was perfect.

I felt great after the invigorating ride in the cold (isn't it funny how you can be hot & cold at the same time?) with my new bike helmet (okay, the helmet felt dorky, but for once, I wasn't afraid riding around the City). We took Gavin for a walk to the park just as it was starting to get dark, when the sky is not quite black, and not quite blue, and we watched the stars come out and wispy clouds sail by in the strong wind while Gavin sniffed around and acted angelic.

Chris made a super yummy cheese pizza and I made a super yummy salad, and after cleaning up a little, we made tea, plopped on the couch, turned on the portable heater, and read Eas
t of Eden together.

We decided to take today off, since we worked through the weekend last weekend, and finally get our lives in order. We woke up early this morning so Chris could get out for a bike ride, but the
storm beat us to it, and we drifted back to sleep with the wonderful sound of rain against the window. I woke up again to the sound of construction in the vacant apartment above us, and I swear, someone is going to fall through the ceiling soon & land in my lap (which would be uncomfortable on many levels).

So now, the plan is to sort through a month's worth of mail & email,
organize our "office" (cleverly disguised as a tiny closet in the living room), finish cleaning up & plan for the rest of our busy week. It's a perfect rainy day to stay at home in my Pj's get ready to live my life again.


Eva'sHeart said...

Welcome Home - After traveling outside the country the saying "there's no place like home" takes on a deeper meaning. I'm watching the snow falling outside my window and thinking of the scene you pictured in your blog...sounds nice too. Glad your home safely! I'm a new blogger trying to find my way around without spending half my life on the computer. I enjoy meeting new
people in real life and have been challenged by friends/family to venture into the computer realm. Baby steps for now - Blessings on your day! Eva

Anonymous said...

You might be blown away, but I thought Mr. Brooks was pretty clever, unpredictable, but, yes, very disturbing. Kevin did a great acting job. It was a real nail biter! I'm glad you're safely home - it's even raining here.

ChristineCPK said...

Oh, I agree-- it was really well done. I had a hard time believing that Kevin Costner & Demi Moore could actually make a good movie-- but it was. I just wish I hadn't seen it. My neck hurts every time my mind flashes back to that last scene. Yuck.
BTW, was that Mom leaving the comment? =)