Friday, April 18, 2008

Aaaalll Byyyy Myyysee-eelf

I've been singing that Celine Dion song in my head for the last few minutes, as Chris drove off into the sunset (except that it's only 2:30) to leave me aaaalll byy myseee-eelf this weekend. That scene from Bridget Jones Diary has also been rolling around in my mind (and making me laugh), although I sincerely doubt life will be quite that tragic over the next three days.

Chris is having the perfect boy's weekend down in Monterey--
camping with old friends (one even drove out from Colorado, and another flew up from San Diego!), competing in a few bicycle races, and gaping at all the pretty shiny things at the bike expo that inevitably comes with the exciting bike races. It's going to be great (he's been looking forward to it for a really long time, and it all came together perfectly for him!).

As for myself, I'm realizing this is th
e first time I've ever really been in San Francisco by myself. There have been other weekends when Chris has left, but I've always had the great fortune of having someone come visit me while he was away.

This time, I decided to be a big girl, and take on the City alone. Well,
not completely alone. Saturday, I'm going to a women's coffee talk at church (didn't Mike Myers play a character on SNL that did Coffee Talk? Hopefully it won't be the same; otherwise, I'll get Verklempt), and Saturday evening, I'm having a bunch of SF State girls over for Breakfast for Dinner. I think I even have two girl-dates on Sunday-- I pretty big weekend for me!

Hopefully I can survive-- and even have fun tonight, watching chick flicks, eating popcorn, making jewelery & painting my nails. I think it will be nice =)

It's strange, though, how even our tiny apartment feels a little empty without him in it (and our California King sized bed will feel even bigger!).

Wish me luck!

ps. Man, can I tell you how hard it is to pick the perfect picture of Celine Dion? For a good time, google Celine Dion images-- it's quite entertaining.

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