Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Home

We just got some photos from Uganda of our future homes! The women in the photos are the very same ones that we will be working with at Child Voice International-- women who were kidnapped as little girls, taken from their families, forced into prostitution, and who now have little babies strapped to their backs.

It was a sobering moment seeing these photos this morning. For the last several weeks, I have been thinking about our budget and support raising, and our itinerary. I had kind of forgotten about the actual women & children that we will be working with-- the reason why we're going.

It made me pause for a moment and say, "These women have actual faces and names and stories." It was so different from seeing a documentary or reading a news article or a book. These are women I will see and touch-- I will look into their eyes and hear their stories and hold their babies. They are building my home right now, sweating and working hard for something I will sleep in.

It is a very surreal and beautiful feeling. I'm really going to Africa, and those are the bricks that will make my home.


Jenny said...

Wow! Incredible! I am glad I too get to see their faces... its going to be amazing.

deee said...

wow, that little circle of dirt is going to be your home? EEeeek!

Truly, I am excited for you guys!