Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Makes a House a Home

I think it's essential at any dwelling place to have a favorite go-to restaurant for take-out on those busy week nights. It's that last little tidbit that makes a house a home (or in this case, what makes a tiny apartment a home)

I've been away for almost 3 weeks, and with a very full day of work and a very messy apartment (there's literally no room in our bedroom for our suitcases, so until we unpack them, they are strewn all over our living room), there was just no way I was making dinner tonight. Besides, all we had was peanut butter, bacon & rice... I couldn't come up with anything creative with that.

Chris decided to take a risk and try the Chinese restaurant that left a menu rubber banded to our door... and the result was that San Francisco is now officially our home.

It might seem strange, but until tonight, if you had asked us about our favorite Chinese
restaurant in San Francisco, we would have given you a blank stare. Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese: Yes. Chinese: No.

But that was all until Shiso.
Twenty minutes after we ordered (and twenty dollars later), there was a nice man at our door handing us a bag of double happiness delight. Chicken & veggies, orange peel beef, chicken chow mien, brown rice, and fried sesame balls... all was delicious, fresh, and surprisingly high-quality.

I am a very happy, very full girl. I might even be ready to tackle those suitcases.

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Anonymous said...

what are fried sesame rolls? They sound yummy.
Glad you're home.