Thursday, December 27, 2007

Buyer's Remorse

I feel like a clothes glutton. All the Christmas presents are unwrapped, exchanged, and re-purchased. I still have some extra cash left from overly-generous relatives and returns, and for once, it's not burning a hole in my pocket. And I don't even feel like shopping or thinking about new clothes. I have everything a girl could want.


I'm having buyer's remorse about those adorable red boots I bought. They are super cute, and very fun & spunky, but... they weren't what I was originally looking for. I thought my quest was complete, until my stylish aunt rolled into town from Texas (I know, stylish and Texas don't usually go together in a sentence, but she will be the first to tell you that she is from California, and is not a Texan-- despite her driver's license.). She had a pair of tall boots that were exactly what I had been looking for-- and were within my price range.

The only catch: she got them at Dillard's, a department store that has not made an appearance in California thus far. On a whim, I did some online shopping on the Dillard's website this morning (and I thought I was done shopping), and found at least 10 pairs of perfect tall boots, all around $100!! Incredible!

Why are you even wasting your time looking at Dillard's when they are no where to be found on the West Coast? you might ask. Well, I will tell you: we are going to Texas January 8th for a conference, and my red boots are still brand new and in the box (okay, they're near the box).

Should I return them?? Should I hunt for that perfect pair of black boots in Texas, or should I leave well enough alone and keep the adorable red ones? Gosh, life is tough (and I am feeling grossly spoiled!). I hoped I was done thinking about clothes, presents & consumerism. Hopefully I will re-enter reality soon, and start concerning myself with things that actually matter. Until then...

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deee said...

uh, oh! maybe return the red boots later if you find the ones you want in texas? does dillard's ship online? Have you tried in your shoes search? I heard they return for free... cpk you are so funny