Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Small Complaint

I have decided that the next time I get a haircut, I am telling the stylist that I am... an artist, or a musician, or that I work at Urban Outfitters, or something. I swear, no matter what kind of hairstyle I request, the "Professional Christian" title takes precedent over all else.

Today, I went in to this fun, expensive, funky salon, pointed to the receptionist and said, "I want that haircut". I emphasized my request by saying, "I would love to go even funkier than last time-- something really fun & different." I left looking like a Sunday School teacher.

Let me add that my stylist is covered in tattoos, was wearing red velvet scrunchy boots, and has cat eye makeup. She's not the kind of person you would expect to get a boring haircut from. So, why can't I seem to get them to believe that I really want something different?

Now, I have to say that once I styled it at home, it was definitely better, but still no where near what I was hoping for.

I guess I'm bummed partly that I spent a ton of money (that was set aside for "something special") on something that wasn't quite what I wanted. But I think I'm also bummed because I hate being pigeon holed into a conservative Christian, Molly Homemaker mold. Okay, a highlight of my month is getting my Martha Steward magazine in the mail, and I did vote for George W (Gasp-- don't tell my neighbors!), and I do work for a conservative Christian organization-- but,
but, does my haircut have to give that all away??!

I'm obviously exaggerating, and my sweet & wonderful stylist told me that I could come back anytime if it wasn't funky enough for me. But still, it's the principle. ;)

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ChristineCPK said...

Okay, okay, I over reacted. Apologies to my sweet hair stylist. I went back today, and she fixed & funkied-up my hair, and it's much better. I was cranky and I suppose every now & then I get a LITTLE dramatic. I guess it's the Guatemalan in me ;)