Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Project

Last week, when Chris & I were wandering around Fillmore St, I was oohing & ahhing over all the beautiful storefront displays, the white twinkly Christmas lights, and the general Holiday cheer that streamed from the shops. Everything Christmas shopping in the city ought to be. Chris was sweet and humored me while I gawked-- especially in the gourmet chocolate shop that was a little slice of gluttony, I mean heaven.

My favorite, though, was a cute little boutique that had the most incredible 3D paper snowflakes I've ever seen. And it just so happens that this morning, I stumbled across a craft how-to on making those very same snowflake decorations.

Ever seen the movie Elf, when he transforms the department store to look like a Winter Wonderland? That's going to be our apartment tonight. ;)

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deee said...

I'm seeing stars! I love them; I am so inspired! I am totally going to copy you! (hmmm, I wonder if I still have that shiny origami paper...)