Sunday, September 9, 2007

Action-Packed Weekend: Posing as an Adult

Chris & I pretended to be grown-ups this weekend.

We were invited to a friends' birthday party-- a wine tasting party-- Saturday night. Each gues
t brought a bottle of wine, which was wrapped in a brown paper bag and marked with a number. We were supposed to sample each of the wines and pick a favorite-- the winner getting a $50 prize (we were motivated!).

All night long, some of the more experienced wine drinkers (i.e. tho
se who, unlike us, actually drink wine other than 2 Buck Chuck) were teasing about bottle #4. Number Four was kind of the brunt of all the jokes that night.

Well (of course), it turned out that #4 was the bottle I had brought, and although my cheeks were already rosy from the 14 different bottles I had sampled, they turned a much darker shade when I was awarded the booby prize for the worst bottle of wine. **Let the judges note that we actually bought a faulty bottle, which was corked, and that, really, I got robbed. Number Four could have taken us all the way to the $50 prize. =)

Sunday after church, we carted our picnic of bread & cheese, salami, grapes & chocolate (along with our pit bull-mutt) to Golden Gate Park to watch an opera. That's right, an opera.

Every year, the opera comes to Golden Gate Park and gives several hours of free performances. It's quite an experience.

We sat with our picnic, and enjoyed the opera, while a group of homeless teens behinds us called out "Spare any change? Anyone have leftovers?". A spandex-clad cyclist sat in front of us, sketching the event in his sketchpad. Next to him, an old man in corduroy pants, a tweed jacket and golf hat lay on his back soaking it in. A family sat to our right on a blanket with their designer picnic basket, while their designer dog (a puggle) wearing a pink designer collar played with their toddlers in designer clothes. Where else can you experience that kind of diversity while listening to such a performance?

It really is something worth experiencing. And I can't remember the last time Chris & I went wine tasting & visited the opera in the same weekend (oh, wait-- that would be never). It was great.

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