Sunday, September 30, 2007

How to Slice a Mango

One of the things I discovered in Africa-- besides what a lion's tale feels like-- is that I love mangoes. I practically lived off of them while we were there (Note: While eating fruit is good for you, a diet of only African mangoes does not always make a happy stomach...).

When I came home, I was delighted to find really good mangoes at our local Latin marketa (almost as good as the mangoes in Africa). One thing I discovered, though was that part of the reason I loved eating mangoes in Africa was that they were already sliced for me (just like everything else that was done for me while I was there!).

Have you ever tried to slice a mango?? It's impossible! There is a deceptively large pit in the middle that is stuck like glue to each tiny fiber of fruit. Every time I tried to eat a mango since we've come home, I ended up with a sticky, oozing mess all over my hands and the kitchen counter.

But today, I googled How to Slice a Mango, and learned the secret. I also learned that Bed Bath and Beyond sells a mango slicer for $12, but who needs one? Right now I am enjoying perfectly cubed mango that tastes like candy (in fact, I think I'm on a little sugar high!).

If you've never discovered the joys of mango, or (like me) have been intimidated by the weird skin & giant pit, you should definitely give it a shot. =)

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Lisa said...

I love mangos too! and you totally hooked me on those dried mangos from TJ's. I went to Safeway to get some, and they're just not as good as TJ's.