Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bad Hair

Right now, I hate my hair. I had this vision of letting it grow out so that we could save money on haircuts, but its just not happenin' for me. I think I'm just destined to have short hair.

I have tried a few places in San Francisco, and have been disappointed each time-- especially because I've paid between $70-$80 for a mediocre haircut from a cooler-than-you stylist that just makes me feel bad about myself.
I've lived in SF for over 2 years now and (except for those previously mentioned over-priced haircuts in the City), I have waited for a trip down to SoCal to get my hair cut from Beth-- who I love as a person & for what she does for my hair =)

Since we don't have a trip to SoCal planned until Thanksgiving, and since I'm about to shave my head myself, I realized it's time for a change.

So here are my options:
1) Try a newly recommended posh & stylish salon that will probably charge about $70
2) Get my bangs trimmed for a few bucks and hold out until Thanksgiving
3) Become a "hair model" and get a haircut from an "apprentice stylist" at a super, super fancy salon.
Right now, I'm leaning for option #3.
Any advice?

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christineCPK said...

update: I just got an appointment to be a "hair model" at this great salon nearby. The key words in the conversation were "open-minded", "edgy", "Fashion-forward", "creative" and "a-symmetrical". A little bit scary (especially that last one) in regards to a haircut, but I'm still excited! We'll see what happens =)