Saturday, September 29, 2007

Running on Empty

It seems like weeks since I've blogged. I am realizing that blogging is a nice creative outlet, but that it's hard to "outlet" when you're drained (there's nothing really pushing to get out when you're running on E). It's been a loooong week (maybe more-- I can't even really remember normalcy!)
I wish I could put into words why it has been so crazy.

Our Quarter-Schools are starting (Semester schools started weeks ago), and the first week of classes means driving out to campus every day (this particular campus is an hour away), dragging 100lbs of boxes and tables out to the Student Union, setting up a table with banners and fliers and goodies, and talking to students all day.

See what I mean-- putting it into words makes it sound like a nice day out of the office. But there is something incredibly draining about doing all of that. It's really an emotional & spiritual drain (although it's fun, it's very tiring). Add on top of that 5 hours in 95 degree heat, a sunburn, and possibly even a little heat stroke (I almost passed out at Target on the way home-- weird!). After coming home from tabling, one has to sort through all the contacts, print out fliers, arrange for activities the next day, buy more supplies, order food, and make a trip to Kinkos. Most evenings I was done by 10, 11 and even 12 at night!

Wednesday was our 3-year Wedding Anniversary. Chris & I were so exhausted that night that we canceled our reservations at the fancy restaurant, dragged ourselves to the nearest strip mall (Daly City) and enjoyed a romantic evening of Daphne's. The most pathetic part was that neither of us minded that we were having such a pathetic anniversary! Afterwards, we drove down to Pacifica and walked along the bright, moonlit beach, watching Gavin chase the waves.

Now that Saturday has rolled around, I feel much refreshed. It's been a wonderful day so far (more on that later), and I finally have the energy to "outlet". =)


Jen said...

Hey Christine,
Nice to hear whats been up with you. I check your blog often and had been wondering where you had been (just now leaving a comment, because I just set up the google act. for M's page).
Thanks for the bday wishes, I should have remembered your anniv. so close to my bday.
Get some rest. I hope to see you and Chris in Nov it would be great if it worked out, if not April 5th isn't too far away!

ChristineCPK said...

J! Can't wait to see you in November! Hopefully we can make it work! Hope your birthday was wonderful =)
Thanks for leaving a comment-- it's so nice to know I'm not just talking to myself =)