Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yoga: Welcome to the Club

I just finished my first-ever Yoga workout. For years, I've heard my friends talk about doing yoga, and it just never appealed to me.

I confess, I'm rather behind the times, still doing the formerly-trendy kick-boxing (although I've graduated from Billy Blanks and Tae Bo) on my TV at home. Except for my brief love affair with the elliptical machine at USD this summer and my weekend hikes with Chris (and Gavin), I rarely ever stray from my living room routine.

But today I discovered that I can download movies off of Netflix, and I thought I'd give a yoga workout a try...

It was amaza-zing! I'm such a believer. I just feel healthier (as well as tired, sore, and a little stinky) after having spent 30 minutes with Ellen (my new pink-spandex-wearing friend).

I'm kind of craving green tea and tofu now, too...

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