Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wonderful New Discoveries

I have recently either discovered or re-discovered several new things to love. Here are a few:
  • Listening to podcasts of Mike Erre's sermons
  • Getting free ice cream from Cold Stone on your birthday (or, even better, sharing your husband's free birthday ice cream!)
  • Dyeing my Hair. I love the color, and I love how well behaved it is right after I've dyed it.
  • Coconut flavored boba (milk tea with large tapioca) from Quickly
  • Fasting. Okay, this one's actually a love/hate thing. Last week, I fasted & prayed, and it was an incredible day-- I felt so full of life & joy. Today, it sucked. I couldn't concentrate & I felt deflated & emotional all day. Next time will be better, though!
  • Yoga. I've already shared about my new love for yoga, but I just have to say it again: I love it!
  • Chateau St. Michelle 2003 Merlot. It was definitely my favorite at the wine tasting party-- yum! And, great news-- its only about $10 at BevMo! We can drink it about once a year =)
  • Picnics with cheese, bread & chocolate (even better with wine!). Oh, and the Opera!
  • Gavin's new dog park. We recently stopped going to the local park (affectionately called Crack Park) across the street from the Projects when we discovered another park almost as close. The people are friendly, and the dogs are wonderful-- plus its well lit at night, and no drive-by's (a step up!)
  • Peet's Coffee. Chris got a an ice blended mocha there yesterday, and it was the best I'd ever had! They also make one with Scharffen Berger chocolate (you mean, it get's better?!)
  • Panera Bread. I spent hours there today, and it was wonderful (and delicious!). I brought home a loaf of bread to go with dinner, and bagels for breakfast tomorrow, too!
I could go on & on! It just seemed like I got to experience so many great things in the last week that I really wanted to share them with the world. You should try at least one this week =)

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