Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lord, Have Mercy

For the last several months, my family has traveled on a bit of a roller coaster -- not just with my Dad's cancer, but with my brother applying to the LAPD. There have been lie detector tests, background checks, physical exams to make anyone puke (or pass out, as the case may be), endless forms & interviews... it's been unreal. It's seemed like with each new hurdle to cross, there was some last minute crisis that would flush everything down the tubes.

Well, today marks the last true hurdle in the application process, and if he passes, he starts looking for an apartment and joins the Police Academy. And this last one is completely beyond his control.

Remember in Little Miss Sunshine, how the teenage brother's only dream in life is to be in the Air Force-- and then he realizes he's colorblind and has a meltdown? Well, that's what we're all hoping doesn't happen today.
Can you see the 12 in the picture? That's all he has to do to pass. The only problem is that he is a little color blind. Pray for mercy =)


Grace said...

oh wow, what a long ride. i hope it works out for him today!!

ChristineCPK said...

Update: He finds out on Friday or Monday. His colorblind test was 60 questions & he could only miss 3 to pass. The instructor told him, glancing at the test, that he could see 2 wrong answers. Do you think they do that just to scare the recruits?