Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pirate Party

Some friends of ours throw an amazing costume party every year. Last year, the theme was Super Heroes, and Chris & I dressed up as characters from The Incredibles. This year, it's a Pirate theme. Now, anyone can come to a Pirate Party with an eye patch and tattered clothes, but we wanted to bring a little creativity. Here are some of our ideas:
  • The Dread Pirate Roberts (and possibly an R.O.U.S.?? I definitely can't pass for Princess Buttercup)
  • A Parrot, or a Monkey (Pirate "accessories")
  • A DVD Pirate-er (wearing a trench coat lined with DVD's)
  • A Mermaid (again, a pirate "accessory")
  • Peter Pan or Tinker Bell, or maybe the Lost Boys or Tiger Lily
  • "Arrrr" (Simply wearing a bunch or R's all over you-- this was my mom's idea. Cute!)
  • The Black Pearl (wear a giant black trash bag, and simply be "the black pearl" super cheesy, but kind of funny!)
The goal here is to be something creative, and to not spend a bunch of money. It would be easy to buy a $50 Tinker Bell costume, but I would much rather spend $3 at Michaels for a bag of feathers, and make myself into a parrot (somehow!). A huge bonus would be to actually look cute-- something I did not achieve last year as Edna Mode!

Any ideas?

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