Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Holiday at a Time

Note: I've noticed that my last several posts have been a little on the "low" side. I don't mean to seem negative-- just keepin' it real, ya know? After a relaxing weekend, I feel much more balanced & rested-- so I think I'll even out all my deep, "low" posts with something lighthearted and shallow =).

I realize that it is not Christmastime. Despite Costco's attempts at marketing, I am refusing to buy into consumer ploys. I refuse to even allow an eggnog latte to pass my lips until the day after Thanksgiving (which is, after all, the first real day of "Christmas"). Having said that-- and firmly establishing myself in Halloween-- I will also confess that I have been lusting over something lately, and that my lust can only be quenched by making a Christmas list. I'll explain.

Every female in San Francisco owns a pair of tall boots. I saw a little five-year-old today in patent leather black boots; I've seen fashionable working women wearing them, drugged out hippies, and sweet little Latin Jehovah's Witnesses roaming the streets in tall boots. And, I myself own a pair of tall boots as well-- but I've decided they're not the right tall boots.

I went through th
is same longing last Fall, and finally bought myself a pair of boots for an amazing $39. And even though they're cute, I'm realizing that I settled. I didn't quite get what I wanted, and the desire still burns within. So this Christmas, I decided I would go all the way and spend the $150-ish (okay, ask for a gift of $150-ish) on a great pair of boots that I really love.

Here are the contestants:

Hush Puppies, Elaine $150

Kenneth Cole, Kiss Her $118

Aerosoles, Divison $99 (I can't seem to get a picture of them!)

What I really want is a pair of boots that can look nice with a skirt or a dress, or over skinny jeans. Something comfy for city-walking would be great too, and I want them to be real leather. My dream would be to have red boots, but I haven't found any to fit the bill. And should I get black or tan? I wear so much black that tan boots might be fun...

I can't seem to get my mind off of them. I go out into public and notice every pair of boots around. Too bad they'd be too hard to pry off an unsuspecting tourist's feet. I suppose I will have to wait, write Santa a letter, and make sure I'm a good girl. Is it wrong to ask Santa for hooker boots?

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