Saturday, October 13, 2007

When it Rains, it Pours

The rain metaphor continues... As I mentioned yesterday, one of the low points last week was receiving paychecks 1/3 of their normal size. Well, we woke up this morning, looked out the window at the beautiful, sunny day (the sky is never so blue as after it rains, is it?), and noticed a huge hole in our Jeep's window.

Apparently, someone walked by with a baseball bat last night, and thought it would be fun to smash in our back window. Nothing was stolen, and luckily it had stopped
raining by then.

Now we have the pleasure of using almost all of our paycheck to fix our car. But what can you do? We'll be fine-- we already paid rent for the month, and we have enough for groceries and the essentials. I made Chris some bran muffins to cheer him up, and we will probably try to brighten our day with a bike ride under the clear blue sky... that is, of course, unless the little grey cloud continues to follow us. ;)


Jen said...

total bummer...broken windows are no fun, I too had one recently, when my daughter got locked in the car.. yes my first big drama/bad mom story.. after being trying to get her to unlock the door, her getting upset, sweaty and crying and not wanting to wait for a lock smith, 10mins was long enough, the fire dept broke my window so we could rescue her.. then all was good... I am hoping things will look up for you guys.

ChristineCPK said...

Oh my gosh, how traumatizing, Jenny! I feel terrible about complaining now-- at least there wasn't a sweet Leah inside our car at the time (which would have meant that she would have been sleeping in our car-- another cause for concern!) =)
I'm glad it all turned out okay!

Jenny said...

no don't feel bad about sharing the story, its okay to be bummed, I just wanted to let you know I too had a broken window recently, though for different reasons. It will be fun to see you soon!