Saturday, August 11, 2007


Chris & I just finished watching the movie Adaptation, with Nicholas Cage.
I was left with a "huh" hanging on my lips-- not quite "huh???" or "uh-uh"; and not really "ah-ha", but somewhere in between.
I worked hard & thought hard, and this is what I think I came up with: It seemed like none of the characters in the movie knew what story they were telling-- in their lives, or in their writing. At the end, Merryl Streep's character cries that she wishes she could be born again-- that she could start life over & tell a new story.
It seems like a lot of people get stuck in the middle of their lives, look around & realize that they don't know what story they are trying to tell. And more important than how the story ends, the question to ask is "Is this story worth telling?"
They are all searching for something to be passionate about, something to believe in. One of Nicholas Cage's characters (he plays twin brothers) says at one point, "It's what you love that defines you, not what loves you." I think it's a little bit of both, though.

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