Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lovely Sunday

Today was sunny and nice in the City, and after going to church, getting coffee with some friends, and relaxing for a while, we drove down to Pacifica for a hike. Pacifica is this cute, sleepy little beach town south of San Francisco, and this trail is a hidden gem.
Last time we went there, we hiked to the very top of a grassy hill (Mountain? Hill? Well, it's about 3 miles up-- it's at least a BIG hill!) overlooking the ocean, and it was covered in purple irises. It was absolutely beautiful. This time, there were these bright pink flowers-- like a cross between an orchid & a pansy-- growing along the entire trail. So lovely.
Our dog Gavin was angelic, running around off leash-- tearing up the trail until he almost couldn't see us anymore, skidding to a stop, then flying past us & back down the trail, and back up again. It's hilarious-- he looks like his alignment is off, 'cause he always runs a little crooked. There's something great about owning a dumb, happy dog.
We had a big yummy salad & corn bread for dinner, cleaned up the apartment, and are going to try to get to bed early.
Pretty much a perfect Sunday!

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