Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day: Livin' Off the Land

My friend, Jenny came up with the term "Livin' off the Land" (okay, technically she didn't come up with the term, but she reintroduced it to our urbanite vocabulary with a new meaning), and she is the queen of Livin' off the Land. This means using the resources around you to do or make things for free. For example, using branches & twigs to make a cool picture frame, or creating a patio on the roof with furniture found on the street. It also means finding fun & interesting things to do that don't include paying $12 for a movie ticket.
That's where my Happy Day comes in. I discovered today a website called, and it is exactly what it sounds like. I learned that this weekend, there's a free showing of Shakespeare's Henry IV, a Blues & Beer Festival, a Bay Area BBQ Cook Off and Music Festival, a Lonely Planet Exhibition (where they're raffling off tickets to Hawaii, luggage & stuff), and a miniature golf course that they're setting up in the middle of the city (for free).
That's all this weekend!
Tonight, we're listening to a friend play Jazz at a cute little Cuban cafe (also free, but not listed on the website!). How fun!

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