Friday, August 17, 2007

Love-Hate Relationship: Evil, Disobedient, Demonic Dog

So, most days, I love my little pit-bull mutt, Gavin. I would even say that until about 6pm, I was thinking that he was being such a great dog today... but now, I hate him.
I took him to the dog park, where he is normally really great... but as I said, today I hate him.

Let me say a little something about dog parks in SF. People take dog owning very seriously here. I've heard that there are more dogs than children in the city. I've also heard that legally in San Francisco, Gavin is an "Animal Companion", not a pet, and I am not an "owner" (I haven't actually confirmed this-- it's just a rumor I've heard). Anyways, people at dog parks (for the most part) have their dogs amazingly well trained, and there seems to be a kind of social hierarchy based on how good your dog is. It's like mom's comparing their preschooler's art work.

Today, there was this lady at the dog park who kept throwing her ball for her dog, but Gavin always beat her dog to it. Then he thought we were playing a fun game of keep away, and it would take me about 5 minutes each time to chase him down & get the stupid ball back. I would give her the [slobbery] ball, she would throw it, her dog would look stupidly at her without moving, and Gavin would get it.
I spent an eternity chasing him around the dog park, calling to him, trying to coax him with treats, and watching him get just out of arm's reach. And all the other dog owners watched me and judged (I could feel it). [Incidentally, all their dogs were chasing me around, trying to get the treat that Gavin so obviously didn't want]
When I finally caught him, I was so mad & wanted to punish him, so I spanked him (I'm sure I was judged even more severely), and put his leash on to go home. The worst part was that he was never afraid of my rage, he just stupidly followed me back to the car with a dumb happy grin on his face.
I don't think I would have been half as angry if he had just cowered and looked remorseful. Stupid dog. I hate him...

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