Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fighting for my Weekend

I recently started taking this medication that has made me crazy-- literally crazy. Not to mention being highly emotional, it's also made me nauseated, dizzy, given me gnarly headaches & blurred vision, and (worst of all!) made me gain weight. It sucks.

So anyway, we had big plans for the weekend, but feeling poopie has really put a wrench in our plans. But I made a decision: this silly little pill would not defeat me.
Friday night, when I was about to break down & cry because I couldn't find anything that fit me (the weight gain & emotions) I was tempted to not go out & see our friend's jazz band play at the cute little Cuban coffee house. But a little emotional outburst (and nausea & a headache) couldn't stop me, so we went anyways. Okay, we came home after an hour, but still-- I made it out of the house!
Saturday we had a lovely, leisurely morning of sleeping in & making Irish Soda Bread. Then we headed out to the Marina & Ghirardelli Square to enjoy the sunshine & watch tourists. Once again, crazy emotions and a headache couldn't stop me (although I did get a little cranky with Chris-- sorry Chris!). After that, I got beaten half to death by a little Chinese Kung-Fu Master posing as a facialist (is that a word? What to you call the lady that gives you a facial?), but I was determined to enjoy myself (even though she almost ripped my nose ring out of my head... twice!). It really was nice.
Today was an amazing, perfect Sunday. It was sunny and warm-- actually warm, not some pretend sunny-but-cool-and-breezy San Francisco weather. We went to church, took Gavin for a long walk to the top of Bernal Hill (where he was an angel off-leash. I take back half the bad things I said about him).
After that, I refused to be defeated by a nasty headache, and walked a mile to my favorite bead store where I learned to knit with wire. On the way home, I did a little shopping, and was actually treated like "one of us" by the cooler-than-you San Franciscan retailers. A new experience!
We ate a big dinner, and painted the front door a red that I actually love, and now it's time for bed.
That stupid pill had me up against the ropes a few times this weekend, but I am definitely ending my Sunday night feeling wonderful and victorious. You shall not defeat me...

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