Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Just Found Heaven

Heaven, it turns out, can be found 2 blocks from our office, on Octavia Street. A friend & I were walking down the street today-- a walk I've taken many-a-time-- when we noticed a little confiserie, which is apparently French for "Heaven" (actually, it means a confectionery, or a candy store, if you really want to take the romance out of it).
It was called Miette (which means crumb), and if Willy Wonka had a hip Aunt with incredible style & taste, this would have been her store. It was a wonderland of mason jars filled with candy, tables of exotic chocolate, and a case of tiny treats-- gourmet cupcakes, bitty macaroons, tartlettes. I felt a sort of sacredness come over me when we walked inside-- even the music was ethereal.
We literally stood with our mouths open for about a minute taking it all in.
I ended up buying a tiny piece of spicy Aztec chocolate with pumpkin seeds in it (I know, sounds weird, but you would have bought it if you had been there, too!).

I looked up their website and you can rent out the store for children's birthday parties-- complete with a ballerina , a pony ride, and custom decorations & candies.
I'm tellin' you, this place was heaven =)

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