Monday, August 27, 2007

Ghetto Martha Stewart

Back when I was living in Compton, some friends gave me the title of Ghetto Martha Stewart (or GMS). It was partly because I literally lived in the Hood, and partly because I would sometimes get aspirations a little beyond my abilities. Once I made a super fancy cake for a Christmas party, but frosted it before it was cooled. The result was that it slid off the plate on the drive there, and ended up sitting on the floor of my ghetto ride (an '89 Buick LeSabre-- I used to ride in style). There was nothing to do when I arrived but brush off the carpet fuzz and serve it. Nobody knew-- don't tell.
So anyways, now that I'm 29, I was kinda hoping I had outgrown the "Ghetto" part of GMS, but sometimes I'm not sure.
Yesterday was Chris' birthday, and I definitely got caught in some aspirations that were beyond my abilities (actually, they were more beyond my time limits, but that' s kinda the same thing).
I made the mistake of beginning to paint the hallway a few days before hosting a party at our house. The morning of the party rolled around, and everything was still taped up, but not finished. So rather than leaving well enough alone, I decided to finish painting the day of the party. I ended up with only enough paint for one coat, making my nice latte beige a kind of peach color (it really needs another coat). I noticed, half-way into the party, that I left the tape on the ceiling. Oops. Who invited GMS to the party?
I also tried to make Chris this funny shirt for his birthday. After an hour of cursing the computer & trying to print out the little iron-on design, Chris came home to see all the pieces of the present scattered around the room. Ummm, surprise. Happy Birthday, from GMS.
I baked an apple pie & a carrot cake for the party, upon Chris' request. I forgot to add half of the oil to the cake (long story-- I was getting frazzled), and almost left the pie in the oven for an extra 2 hours to "warm". Sheesh.
All in all, though, the party turned out great, the cake didn't miss the oil (maybe it was the 6 pounds of butter & cream cheese in the frosting!), the pie turned out lovely, and everyone had a great time.
Oh, Chris did serve a few people regular espressos when they asked for decaf. Is there a male equivalent to GMS =)

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